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Vegas Update & Message

Tim Gunderson
July 16, 2017

Vegas Update & Message


This Sunday we had the pleasure of welcoming the Vegas family as they prepare for their departure August 2nd for Cusco, Peru with World Gospel Mission (WGM).  This has been a long time coming and God has rewarded their dedication and perseverance in this endeavor.  Please join us in praying for protection, a smooth transition and leading from the Holy Spirit for the whole family.  Philippians 1:3-6.  Isaiah 41:8-10.

Message on Following Jesus
Matthew 4:18-22

Pastor Tim reminded us about the calling of the apostles and about the calling that God has put on all of our lives.  We are to be ‘fishers of men’.  We are to influence and bless those around us.  We are to rescue the perishing.

Refuse to be lukewarm and invite God to use you.  Watch God work.

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