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True Religion

Tim Gunderson
March 12, 2017

True Religion

James 5:1-6


Sometimes the truth is difficult to hear and accept.  In wealth and prosperity we can be complacent and selfish believing we’ve earned the right to keep what we have.  James warning is stark, selfishness and misuse of what God has given us can be like a cancer to our souls.  Woe to those who put their trust in their riches and love money instead of people.

Jesus called us to love and generosity and He has called prophets out of our midst to challenge and rebuke us when we stray from this calling.  Are you open to rebuke when it is needed?  Do you react with defensiveness and rationalize an inward focus?  The narrow path is kept by knowing ourselves and our weaknesses, recognizing that we are first sinners saved by grace, and then opening our ears to the prophets around us.

True religion is loving people, living holiness, and pursuing God’s rather than our own agenda.  If we are not right with God then nothing else matters in the end and judgement will eventually come.  Make today the day you bow your knee to Christ and realign your priorities with His.

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