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The Root of Joy

Kyle Douglass
August 13, 2017

The Root of Joy

Exodus 34:5-8

Our joy is connected to our perception of “The Good” but what is God’s definition of good?

One of the ways in which we can learn about God’s idea of good is through general revelation.  God created the world and at each stage declared what had been created “good” (Genesis 1-2).  Through His creation we understand who God is (Romans 1:20).  Joy itself is rooted in God’s goodness, which is revealed in His creation.

Another way we learn about God’s idea of good is through special revelation as when God revealed Himself to Moses (Exodus 3:11-15, 34:5-8) or to John (Revelation 1).  Joy is rooted in God’s character, which He has personally revealed to mankind.  God is good.  God is joy.


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