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The Enemy’s Grace

Kyle Douglass
February 19, 2017

The Enemy’s Grace

James 4:4-10

The world’s system of unbelief and unrighteousness that opposes God and His values must be seen for what it is.  When we join and condone this we make ourselves God’s enemy.  As an adulterer, when we return to the world’s ways we are cheating on God, we are rejecting the sacrifices He made for us.  We may be unfaithful to our God but He is willing to take us back and forgive us, for His grace is sufficient to reconcile us to Him.

#Return:  1. Submit to God.  2. Draw near to God.  3. Purify your heart  4. Show your sorrow.  5. Humble yourselves.

#Resist:  1. Recognize the devil.  2. Resist his invitations.  3. Cleans your hands.  4. Don’t celebrate what God detests.


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