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The Call

Kyle Douglass
September 24, 2017

The Call

Romans 1:1-7

When Paul was called he was interrupted and reassigned as a messenger of the Gospel.  He was given a job, a job he didn’t apply for or interview for.  He was selected and chosen in the mysterious providence of God’s will and ultimate plan.

God’s word is relevant and meaningful first because it is true.  Jesus fulfilled the words of the prophets.  He was born in the line of David.  Though He was God’s own son He was sacrificed for our sin and ultimately was raised from the dead.

Jesus gave us gospel work to do: to proclaim and explain Jesus.  If we obey the call, if we believe and confess our sins and surrender, we too will have the opportunity to be a slave of Christ.  You are loved and called by God but how will you respond?  What is your job?  What is your assignment?  Where do you fit in?  How has God gifted you for his work?


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