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The Bad News About The Good News

Kyle Douglass
November 19, 2017

The Bad News About The Good News

Romans 2:11-24

Imagine you are standing before a local judge pleading your case as a result of a parking ticket and the judge finds you “not guilty”.  Imagine your relief and what you might tell yourself as you walk to your car. “Yes!  I’m so glad that judge was reasonable in my case, after all I’m one of the decent folks around here, one of the good people.  I deserved a pardon.”  But if instead we are standing before God on the day of judgement we had better realize that our self-defense is useless and if we are given what we ourselves deserve we will be in for a long and certain punishment.  The world is a mess and God is not happy about it.  Evil will be put to an end on His judgement day and the godlessness and unrighteousness of this world will be washed away.

‘The law’ will not save us; knowledge of the truth, following the rules and outward conformance is not sufficient to satisfy His wrath.  Measured by God’s standard our own ‘goodness’ is woefully insufficient.  God requires a changed heart, humility before His throne, and confession and honesty about our disobedience.  The good news is that our ‘ticket has been paid’ and Jesus sacrifice has satisfied God’s wrath.  This salvation is not bought cheaply or through deceit but is available to all who will believe, truly repent and then follow Christ.

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