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Attila & Tamara Szogedi Update & Message

Attila Szogedi
July 9, 2017

Attila & Tamara Szogedi Update & Message

We were blessed this Sunday to have Attila and Tamara Szogedi come share with us about their ministry in South Pest County in Budapest Hungary and what the Lord is doing in the hearts of the people they minister to.  Please especially remember and pray for Steve and Val.  Also please pray for the refuges in Hungary and that God would draw them to Himself.


Message on Faithfulness
1 Corinthians 1:9

Attila reminded us of God’s faithfulness.  Faithfulness is truth, the act of staying true.  God knows we will fail but he provides a way out, a path towards grace.  We are to strive towards God’s faithfulness, our lives will not necessarily be easy as a result, but they will be meaningful.  The Lord is the Lord of both the hills and the valleys of our lives.  He is faithful and He will be there if we will call on Him.


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