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Strong Faith

November 15, 2015

Strong Faith

Hebrews 11:32-40

Pastor Kyle added to our November theme of Faith from Hebrews 11 with this message on Samson. Samson is mentioned in the passage as one of many who demonstrated faith in God and was able to perform great feats for God. But Samson is not a perfect hero, in fact in many ways, he’s an unlikely one. He seems to reflect well the culture and times he was meant to deliver Israel from, one where everyone did what they felt was right in their own eyes. Samson was violent, vengeful, a vow breaker, and a womanizer, among other things. And yet when he prayed, God answered.

So what do we learn from the life of Sampson? When God is with someone, does he approve of anything and everything he or she does? How does God’s sovereignty interplay with an individual’s obedience? Is faith a static thing that you do once or does it ebb and flow?

These are some of the questions Pastor Kyle explores in this message. We hope you find it thought provoking and challenging as you struggle build your own strong faith.

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