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Stewardship, Part 7 – Money & Possessions

Kyle Douglass
August 14, 2016

Stewardship, Part 7 – Money & Possessions

1 Peter 4:10-11

We must carefully manage the resources we have been given for they are not truly ours, they are only borrowed.  Our God gives good gifts but he expects us to give Him the glory and to use them responsibly.  He also expect to be our top priority.  Are we allowing Him authority over all of our resources and all aspects of our lives or are we just giving him the scraps and the leftovers?  Our God desires our first fruits and our best and if we are living our lives rightly we will also bear Him fruit.

Proper stewardship requires effort and discipline because it is not easy but it is very important.  One day Jesus is coming back and we will have to account for how we stewarded our gifts and resources.  There will be no room for excuses or passing of blame on that day.  Good stewardship will be rewarded and unfaithfulness will be brought to light.  We are responsible for the choices we make regardless of our circumstances, job or our family situation.

Show your love for your Savior through your faithful stewardship!


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