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Prayer, Presence and Preaching

Kyle Douglass
October 1, 2017

Prayer, Presence and Preaching

Romans 1:8-15

Paul’s entire life after his conversion was about showing God’s love through his actions.  It came from his heart, he loved people because he loved God.

Paul constantly mentioned the Roman’s in his prayers.  He was aware of other people’s thoughts and needs and he lifted them up all the time.  Who are you praying for?  Is this an area you need to work on?

Paul showed God’s love for the Romans through his presence.  He saw God’s will in scheduling and appointing his meetings and travels.  He knew God had a plan for his life.  He was sensitive to the Holy Spirit in directing his path.  Don’t let technology and the busyness of life keep you from meeting with others and being present in this way.  Being present with your attention and love, not just physically.

Paul preached for all because he desired to see not only the Romans but all the peoples of the world reconciled to God.  God sent His son to die for us “while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8) because he loves us dearly.  He loves us for who we are right now.  He desires our redemption, transformation and growth in holiness over time.  People need to hear about God’s love and his desire to save them!  Will you take this message to a hurting world?  Will you share God’s love?

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