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Praise from God

Tim Gunderson
January 14, 2018

Praise from God

Romans 2:25-29

God’s covenant with Israel revolved around the law that they had been given and their circumcision.  They were set apart as God’s people by the law and His covenant.  After Christ came to the earth however the dynamic between God and the world changed.  As Paul reminded us in Philippians 3:3-9, the confidence that he could put in “the flesh”, on his adherence to the law, he counted as loss for Christ’s sake.  Paul claimed new hope in Christ through faith.  God isn’t looking for our religiosity, self-righteousness or legalism, He is looking for our heart, for us to become a new creation in Christ through faith.  The right action will flow out of that change of heart so that only He can take credit and receive praise.


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