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Our Roman’s Road

Tim Gunderson
September 17, 2017

Our Roman’s Road

Romans 1:1-7

Reading the book of Romans touched the heart of St. Augustine and he wrote his “Confessions” to encourage others to follow Christ.  Martin Luther had obsessed on earning God’s favor and satisfying His holiness through continual repentance but in reading the book of Romans he realized that he wasn’t justified by his works and he found peace and solace at last.  John Wesley in reading Luther’s writing and in understanding justification by faith was led to change his life for Christ as well.

We are all servants of God, we are nothing on our own, but God has a purpose and a calling for each of us.  Each of us have value and unique meaning found in God’s will for us.  We were placed on this earth for a reason and we must not ignore or underestimate what God can do through us.


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