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New Life – Failures and Regrets

Tim Gunderson
June 11, 2017

New Life – Failures and Regrets

Luke 4:13-21

Our regrets and failures from the past can discourage us and keep us from living in freedom now.  The good news of Jesus is the restoration promised by the gospel.  Our God is a God who restores, he can take all of our regrets and bring beauty out of the ashes (Isaiah 61:1-7).

Jesus is able to take what we think is only loss and pain and turn it into meaning and beauty, this is the kind of God that we worship.  God has promised to restore what the locus have eaten.  As we read in Romans 8:28, “God works all things for the good of those who love Him”.  Are you letting the past spoil your present?  There’s no better time than right now to give it to God and trust Him to use it for His glory and for your ultimate good.


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