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James, Part 2 – Oh, Joy. I’m Being Tested.

Kyle Douglass
October 23, 2016

James, Part 2 – Oh, Joy. I’m Being Tested.

James 1:2-8

God never promised us He would take our difficulties away when we chose to follow Him.  He doesn’t want us to suffer, but He is also capable of bringing growth and character out of the midst of them.  The road to maturity will inevitably include temptations, trials and tests.  We must choose to continue on with our Father in the midst of difficult circumstances and cling fast to our faith in Him if we are to weather them.  In the challenges we face our true character will be revealed.  We can persevere and endure the adversity or we can turn away.

How do we weather these storms?  We are to pray for wisdom from God.  We are to find joy not only in the things we love but also in our trials as we are taught to depend on Him completely.

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