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James, Part 1 – Introduction

Kyle Douglass
October 16, 2016

James, Part 1 – Introduction

James 1:1

James was the brother of Jesus and this context is important as you begin to read his words.  James describes himself as a “slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ”.  How easy would it have been to swallow his pride and acknowledge the lordship of his brother?  James is speaking to the twelve tribes in the Dispersion (or “sowing”), the Jewish Christians of his day.  They faced persecution and difficulty because of their faith.

Today in the United States we enjoy many freedoms but it is nevertheless becoming more unpopular and difficult to live a true Christian life in a society that is moving further and further from His will.  James provides a needed balance between grace, faith and works in the Christian life.  James argues that the authenticity of our faith will manifest itself in our hearts and in are actions, not just in the words we say.

If your life was a silent film and the viewer couldn’t hear your explanations and justifications for your actions would they be able to recognize that you are a Christian?  Do you live it out daily for the world to see?

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