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Is God A Liar?

Kyle Douglass
January 21, 2018

Is God A Liar?

Romans 3:1-8

If anyone had reason to have confidence in his own righteousness it was Paul.  He had kept the law, followed his people’s customs to the letter, and prior to his conversion he believed that this would be enough to save him.  As a Jew his people were entrusted with God’s spoken word but the correct response to this honor was humbleness and gratefulness rather than arrogance and pride.

So how can God keep His promise to save the Jews yet still judge them for unbelief?  Jesus is the way that was promised and he is the messiah that was meant to save both the Jew and the Gentile.  The only way for any one of us to reach God is through acceptance of Christ and following Him.  No matter who we are we will still be judged by the same unchanging God according the same truth.

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