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Growing Up By Growing Together

Kyle Douglass
July 12, 2015

Growing Up By Growing Together

Our summer series on the book of Ephesians.  This week Kyle talked to us about unity and Christian maturity.  That in order to achieve unity we as a diverse people have to learn to put our Savior and our calling ahead of our differences.  Our Christian maturity will be demonstrated when we are an active part of maintaining unity by loving our church family and serving them with our unique gifts.

  • Have you been captured by Christ?
  • Do you know how you’ve been gifted to serve?
  • Are you growing in your love of God and service to others?

You see Jesus does not leave us the option to be independent, we are to be part of a body and use our abilities to serve.  This is not unity at all costs, we must not follow when others stray away from the path that God has for us, however it is disunity as a last resort.  Are we living with the proper perspective of gratitude?  Are we living a life worthy of God’s calling?  We should live in response to the price that God has paid to bring us to him.

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