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Tim Gunderson
July 2, 2017


John 8:34-36

God made us to be free, to have a free will, to have freedom to chose even whether to follow Him.  However so many of us continue to live in bondage in spite of His desire and sacrifice for our freedom.  This bondage may be external when we live in bondage to our sin and addiction.  This bondage may also be internal as we live in bondage to our fear or our past.  But if in our freedom we express our love for and obedience to God how much more does it mean than if we lived as slaves?  Our freedom is truly evident in the condition of our hearts.

“It is dangerous to take human freedom for granted, to regard it as a prerogative rather than as an obligation, as an ultimate fact rather than as an ultimate goal. It is the beginning of wisdom to be amazed at the fact of our being free.”
– Abraham Joshua Heschel

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