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Freedom In Christ

Tim Gunderson
January 28, 2018

Freedom In Christ

Romans 3:9-20

It’s a pivotal step in our lives when we acknowledge before God that we are sinners.  We are at odds with God.  It can feel like a move towards bondage, however in reality it is in that step that freedom really begins.

Practical benefits of acknowledging our sin before God include:

  • We don’t waste energy defending ourselves, rationalizing and maintaining our self-righteousness
  • Enables us to forgive others and ourselves
  • Allows us to see the beauty of the cross

Jesus wants us to be completely and truly free but are we choosing to pursue this reality in our lives?  Are we easily offended?  Do we forgive each other?  Are we letting go of our pride?  We must realize the true depth of our sin before God’s holiness which will lead to gratitude and humility.  Are we living in shame and doubting our value before God?  We were first made in the image of God before our sin separated us from Him.  We are precious to God, He was willing to let His own son suffer and die to save us.

Genesis 3:7, Colossians 3:13, Matthew 18:32-35, 1 Peter 5:6, Luke 18:9-14


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