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Faith Not Fear

Tim Gunderson
January 31, 2016

Faith Not Fear

Matthew 8:23-27

In the passage from Matthew 8 Jesus disciples were afraid of the wind and the waves, they felt vulnerable, and the storm revealed where they were at in their faith.  Then Jesus demonstrated His power over nature and he saved them from the storm but also from their fear.

Pastor Tim told a number of stories of his father and talked about the “wind and the waves” in his dad’s life.  His dad wrote parts of his story in a 23 page biography and shared it with his family.  Reading this was a reminder to Tim of how he learned to live by faith and not by sight in spite of the loss and heartache that he experienced.

Matthew 14:22 – Jesus walks on the water and calms the storm

We all have our own next step of faith that we need to take and we have to have enough faith to “get out of the boat” and move forward.  God has forgiven us and taken care of our past.  We have eternal life before us and our future is secure.  What we have left is today, we have the choice of moving forward and following Christ or turn back.  What choice have you made?

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