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Dave Clark Update and Message

Dave Clark
June 25, 2017

Dave Clark Update and Message

Matthew 9:35-38

On a relay team there is a time where you run side-by-side, this time is critical as it is where the handoff of the baton happens.  In this way there was a period of time in Jesus ministry where he was running side-by-side with His disciples and he was preparing them to continue His ministry after his departure.

Jesus was preparing for His kingdom, not the political kingdom that many hoped for, but a kingdom in which he would give His life to save us from our sin.  He intended us to follow this example, His example.  Jesus had compassion on the crowds, emotionally, physically and down to his very core.  Do you have compassion on the masses around you in the same way that He did?  Are you following His example?

We should be asking God to help us to see the people around us the way He sees them.  We don’t have what it takes to do this by ourselves.  We need to minister to broken people but we are broken people ourselves!  We need to lift up our eyes, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  Lives need to be redeemed.  Pray earnestly, with urgency, to the Lord of the harvest.  We need to ask God for His compassion, His heart, His eyes.  We need to pray with an openness to God’s leading for He may send us.

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