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Tim Gunderson
October 2, 2016


Philippians 4:12-13

In this life there will be trouble but how will we respond?  Will we have strength and will we respond with hope?  Will we choose contentment or be discontented?

Contentment starts with meaning and purpose.  We have been designed by God for a purpose and fulfilling that purpose is where we begin.  Discontentment with sin and suffering and the bad things in this world is a proper reaction but bitterness and grumbling are not.  These are signs that we are straying from our purpose.  By seeking contentment we are not to be complacent or slothful, true contentment is created by action, not inaction.  As we are exhorted in Philippians we are to “press on” and “run the race that God has put before us”.  This is a call to action and acceptance of our purpose not resignation to a boring “religious” life.

The contentment that God is calling us toward is not dependent on our circumstances, it is rather an act of letting go of our selfish path and coming to grips with what God has prepared for us.  Pursuing our true purpose.

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