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Contagious Corruption

Kyle Douglass
November 5, 2017

Contagious Corruption

Romans 1:18-32

In these verses there is an exchange, a response from God, and a consequence.  The exchange is that of the truth of God for a lie, for an idol, and God let’s us walk away.  God has allowed our freewill and the fruit of our disobedience to occur.  In our disobedience we start to crave things we shouldn’t and our passions become perverted.  Apart from God we are totally corrupt, we want the wrong things, and we go about our goals in the wrong ways.  This is the way that satan works, he creates confusion, he mars the truth of God through his lies if he can convince humanity of them.  The consequence of our sin, the just result of our acceptance of the lies of satan is death.  Our lives are not worth more than God’s holiness and glory.  He is the eternal God and we are His creation and we need to realize what that means.

Grace is there and payment has been made but God’s free gift is contingent on being willing to give up our sin, to leave it behind and follow.  We cannot hold onto the world’s definition of “good” and expect God to accommodate.  God is truth and He has set the standard of right and wrong.

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