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Compassion, Part 1

Tim Gunderson
June 5, 2016

Compassion, Part 1

Matthew 9:35-38

We are called to be a people clothed in compassion.  Compassion, although similar in meaning to sympathy, instead denotes a component of action.  Whereas we might tune in on the television and see another’s suffering and have sympathy for their plight, we may turn that TV off when the program is done and not take any action in response.  The constant scrolling feed of media coverage of suffering around the world can have the unfortunate result of desensitizing us to our sympathy by showing us so many issues that we have no capacity to impact them all.  We can become stuck in a frame of perceived helplessness and miss the purpose we have been called to as God’s people!

Jesus was the ultimate example of compassion in His sacrifice for us.  He taught that we must love those around us and show compassion right where He has placed us.

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