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The Mysteries of Christmas

Tim Gunderson
December 24, 2017

The Mysteries of Christmas

John 3:16-17

The mystery of Christmas is so profound that it can feel daunting to adequately describe it.  It goes beyond just words.  The great mysteries of Christmas include: 1.) God loves us  2.) Jesus (God) took on human flesh.

God demonstrated his agape love for us by sending His son to suffer and die in order that we may be saved.  In order for the holiness of God to be satisfied a perfect sacrifice was required.  Jesus was fully God but also fully man (a great mystery) as God incarnate, He humbled himself, He made himself nothing and became obedient to death.  Our lives as we pattern them after Jesus, are meant to be “incarnate” as well.  “As the father sent me, I am sending you”.  We are called to inhabit our lives with Christ’s faith, hope and love.

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