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Be Strong In The Lord

Tim Gunderson
June 18, 2017

Be Strong In The Lord

Joshua 1:1-9

Men want to be strong, they want to be heroes and fight for a worthy cause.  God put this drive inside us for a reason and he had a purpose for it.  However we are meant to operate within the parameters that God has given us if we are to truly follow him and be valiant men of faith. We are meant to be brave and committed and to keep our promises.  We are meant to battle for our families and friends, for our homes, for our communities and for our worlds.  This battle is a spiritual battle.  In this battle we will be wounded and we must not allow ourselves to become passive or violent in response.

“Choose this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:14-15).  Will you choose to serve yourself and your own interests or will you be the hero that those in your world need?  Will you follow Christ’s example and sacrifice all you have to give?

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