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Be Patient and Stand Firm

Tim Gunderson
March 19, 2017

Be Patient and Stand Firm

James 5:7-11

As the farmer must be patient for the land to yield his crop, for the autumn and for the spring rains, we too must be patient and stand firm.  While we wait we are not to grumble and complain.  We should rather work to build each other up and to approach God rightly.  This doesn’t mean we aren’t to bring our trials and cares to God however, take the book of Psalms, a third of which might be called “psalms of complaint”.  The author calls upon God to restore, rescue and have mercy upon him and likewise we should call upon the Lord for help, comfort and restoration.

Consider the prophets who, although they accomplished much, also suffered greatly for their faith (Hebrews 11:37-40).  Persecuted, tortured, mistreated and put to death for their faith, still they did “not yet receive what was promised”, for God had something better planned.  If these great men and women of the faith went through so much and yet had to be patient and wait on the Lord, can we not also persevere in our own affliction and stand firm?

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