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Sounds of the Season Christmas Concert

Sounds of the Season Christmas Concert

Bethel College Everest-Rohrer Chapel/Fine Arts Center Auditorium

time 7:00 pm

December 3, 2016

World-class baritone and Nashville recording artist David Britton, brings a unique sound to his audiences, by blending his big voice with a signature orchestral rock instrumentation. This approach is the result of Britton’s eclectic musical heritage, which included drumming in a rock band through high school and college, before beginning a career in opera. Over the past couple of years, Britton has emerged onto the scene with albums that take full advantage of his­ training to create music that is at times both intimate and grandiose. For more information, visit DavidBritton.com. ­

Jean Watson is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and classically trained violinist, whose musical style is eclectic and features Celtic-infused violin and vocals. She is passionate about bringing hope to the hopeless through words and music. Although she has performed in majestic cathedrals and grand concert halls, her favorite venues are homeless shelters and prisons where she feels her music is most needed. For more information, visit JeanWatson.com.

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