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Chuck Wagon Gang Concert

Chuck Wagon Gang Concert

201 W. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw, MI 49079

time 7:00 pm

September 10, 2015

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Seventy-five years in any business is a long time, particularly in a musical group of any genre. Today, the Chuck Wagon Gang holds the distinction of being the oldest recording mixed gospel group still performing with ties to the original founding. By trade, the Carters were farmers, who migrated from place to place to pick cotton. The singing group came from humble beginnings in 1935, as the Carters found themselves in Lubbock, Texas, without enough money to buy medicine for a sick child, Effie. Dave Carter and two of his children, Lola and Ernest of his Carter Quartet (no relation to the Carter Family of Bristol, VA) arrived at radio station KFYO in Lubbock seeking live singing employment on radio in order to buy medicine for Effie. They landed the job.

As with any organization, and particularly with a music group, personnel changes are inevitable and the expected for various reasons. The Chuck Wagon Gang remained essentially a family group through the years. As family members retired or left the group, other family members as well as non-family members came in to the group. To date, forty-nine known individuals have played their respective roles in the Chuck Wagon Gang. This is not a lot of people, considering the longevity of the group. Each edition has remained a close-harmony quartet, and contributed to the onward success of the Chuck Wagon Gang.

With the rich history and music now spanning into eight decades, and having sold over 40 million records, the current Chuck Wagon Gang is rolling right along today. Shaye Smith is the owner, manager, and alto singer for the group. Shaye is the grand-daughter of the late Anna Carter Gordon Davis, the original alto singer for The Chuck Wagon Gang, and the late Howard Gordon, who played guitar for the group for many years.  The tenor position of the group is now held by Stan Hill, of Knoxville TN. Stan has been singing many years with his wife, local groups, and at various theaters in Pigeon Forge.  Singing soprano for the Chuck Wagon Gang is Julie Hudson, from Kingsport, TN. Julie’s voice has already been termed a “young Rose,” as she does possess those high, clear, piercing tones as Rose had. She is a registered nurse, having served for 17 years as a surgical nurse prior to joining the Chuck Wagon Gang. Serving as emcee, bass singer, and guitarist for the group is Jeremy Stephens. Jeremy was born in Lynchburg, VA, raised in Danville, VA, and currently resides in Nashville, TN. Jeremy fell in love with traditional bluegrass and old time music at an early age, and plays fiddle, guitar, banjo, and other instruments.  As his schedule permits, Joe Rotton accompanies the group on bass guitar and drives for the group. Joe was born and raised in Union Springs, AL, and followed the group through the years as a fan. He began driving for the Gang in the early 90’s, and in recent years playing bass.

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The concert is FREE but a freewill offering will be taken to help cover the costs of the concert.