Welcome to New Hope Fellowship!

Student Ministry

High School

Our high school student ministry is led by Pastor Kyle. We meet weekly for Bible Study and have periodic events like doing the corn maze at Harvest Moon Acres, student rallies like Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Fields of Faith, or just going out for pizza.

Our focus is to help high schoolers begin to make their faith personal. This happens by continuing to investigate what the whole Bible says about truth and life, understanding Jesus’s ministry, teachings, and resurrection, and learning to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit daily.

We generally meet every Tuesday night from 7-8PM at Pastor Kyle’s house. For more information, contact Kyle below.


Middle School

Our middle school program meets weekly and is led by Bobbi and Dan Coleman. Meetings are fun times of hanging out, snacks, and studying God’s word through studies or books geared for middle schoolers. As of Fall 2017, we only have girls so the curriculum is True Princess: Embracing Humility in an All-About-Me World. The group does fun events monthly including things like concerts or just hanging out together.

If you’re a middle school guy (or parent of), we’re ready for you! We’re excited to get our guys group going, so please contact us for more details and we will get things started.

Contact Pastor Kyle for more info and to be put in touch with Bobbi or Dan.

Contact Kyle