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New Hope Fellowship Growth Guide

God calls us all to grow.  The goal of this growth calling is summarized by Romans 8:29:

“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”

The destiny and mission of every disciple of Jesus is to think and act more and more like Him. This is something we should be serious and intentional about.

Everybody has a “next step”. The purpose of this growth guide is to give you direction as you seek God’s leading to determine your next action step. The idea is to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you and give you confidence in at least one specific growth goal that will help you become more like Jesus.

Download: New Hope Fellowship Growth Guide

Instructions: Read each line and prayerfully ask God if the statement describes your current situation. No one is perfect, so don’t think that you have to work on them all at once or that feeling that an item describes you well is prideful! You’re looking for something that really sticks out to you as an area needing attention.

For example, even if you’ve already accepted Jesus as your savior, you may feel God leading you to spend some time reminding yourself of the promise of your salvation, or you may want to increase your confidence by reviewing the historical evidence for Jesus’ life and resurrection. Or it may be something more obvious, like sexual purity or repairing a relationship. Let the Holy Spirit lead you!

Once you’ve identified one or two areas, discuss it with a friend or mentor and write one sentence describing your conviction. Next, write a sentence describing what you desire to change or do. This is your growth goal. The more specific the better. These are best written in a positive way. Thirdly, write a sentence describing one or two action steps that will help you accomplish your growth goal. Then put a deadline on it or a date for a follow-up or progress report with your friend or mentor.

Remember, this is a tool! We hope it helps you be more strategic in your discipleship mission, and that it helps foster encouraging, loving, and strong relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Take joy in it, and go in the grace of God.

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