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New Hope’s Website Gets a Facelift

Welcome to newhope-mi.org version 2.0! As our church has grown, we have identified some ways to make sure we are doing our best to keep up with the administrative and logistical things that help visitors and regulars have the best experience possible. One of those was our website. Our old site was lovingly created and maintained by our webmaster, Mike, who cut his teeth on Apple’s iWeb. The site was clean, informative and served the church well for several years!

When I came on staff, I brought my experience with web design and WordPress and put my head together with Mike regarding how we could take the website to the next level, primarily with a need to update the theme graphically to give visitors a good “feel” for New Hope, and to make some changes under the hood so that multiple users could add content, helping the site become the central hub of information. Mike is a wiz and quickly adapted to the WordPress environment and we found a theme that we both liked visually. It has a modern, clean feel that we think will help us show off our awesome church both graphically and textually. And this is the result!

Upgrades for the new site include:

  • putting more pictures on it and helping people get a good preview of our church family
  • making important information easily available
  • posting media like sermons to the website, as well as creation of the New Hope iTunes Podcast (subscribe here)
  • event and program calendars
  • staff and lead volunteer pictures and bios
  • pastor blogs

We would love to know what you think! What’s your initial impression? Anything missing or hard to find? Let us know what you like and what you think we could improve. Our hope is that the site becomes a useful tool to keep us all connected and to help people looking for a church home get an accurate and welcoming impression of New Hope.

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